A tool for converting ReStructuredText to MyST Markdown.

Getting Started#

To install from PyPI:

pip install "rst-to-myst[sphinx]"

It is recommended to install into an isolated environment. One way to do this is using pipx:

$ pipx install "rst-to-myst[sphinx]"
$ pipx list
venvs are in /Users/username/.local/pipx/venvs
apps are exposed on your $PATH at /Users/username/.local/bin
   package rst-to-myst 0.1.2, Python 3.7.3
    - rst2myst

To then run a basic conversion of a whole project:

$ rst2myst convert docs/**/*.rst

For greater control, you can pass configuration with CLI options, or via a YAML configuration file:

$ rst2myst convert --config config.yaml docs/**/*.rst


language: en
sphinx: true
- sphinx_panels
default_domain: py
consecutive_numbering: true
colon_fences: true
dollar_math: true
    sphinx_panels.dropdown.DropdownDirective: parse_all